Safeguarding and Prevent

Safeguarding at UKCB

At UKCB we value keeping children and vulnerable adults in a safe environment, at work and at home.

On this page you will find information regarding our strict safeguarding policies, direct safeguarding help form, external help links and more.

For students, it will also cover safeguarding breaches which may occur when working from home; and information on what steps to take.

Never be afraid to speak out. If you have  concern of any kind, please get in touch with us, we’re here to help.

Safeguarding Leads

Yewande Ogunsanya
Safeguarding Lead / Lecturer
  • 020 3638 6747, (Call or Text) 07944852995

Hania Rahman
Deputy Safeguarding Lead / HR & Support Officer

  • 020 3638 6747, (Call or Text) 07856389729

Hakan Gokce
Deputy Safeguarding / DDSL Consultant

  • 07585344051

Sourabh Liahri
Support Officer / Cyber Security Support / Lecturer

  • 020 3638 6747 (Call or text) 07843534908

External Contacts

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Barnet Council The Mash Team Tel: 0208 359 4066 Out of Hours: 0208 359 2000.
Barnet Council LADO (Allegations against staff) Tel: 0208 359 4066 Out of Hours: 0208 359 2000
Barnet Police In case of Emergency  999

Safeguarding Mind Map

Download UKCB Safeguarding Mind map

Help Contact Form

You should never feel afraid to speak to someone you trust, We know taking the first step may be difficult but we do care, and would like nothing more than to ensure everyone feels safe. You can directly contact us  by filling this quick form below.

Download UKCB Concern Referral Form

Fill and attach this form in email to us at

Student Queries


Useful References and Organisations

Useful references and organisations


Below is a selection of useful teaching resources on domestic abuse/violence for Centres

  • Is this Love?Lesson plans and guidance for Centres
  • Respect Training Resources for primary and secondary Centres developed in Scotland but an excellent resource for use in all Centres.
  • Stop Hitting Mum’ – Children talk about domestic violence (2003) Mullender A, et al Young Voice.
  • Hitting and Hurting Living in a Violent FamilyPickering, F (2000) The Childrens Society.
  • Child protection and domestic violenceMullender A, Dobbonair T (2000) Venture Press.
  • The Woman who Walked Into Doors, Roddy Doyle, Random House (1997).
  • Childrens Perspectives on Domestic Violence, Mullender A, Hague G, and Regan L (2002), Sage

Safeguarding Policies

UKCB safeguarding policy 2022

UKCB Prevent Policy

Safeguarding Children 2022

UKCB Advice for parents in Cyber bullying.

Bullying Module

Keeping Record Module

Neglect Module

PDE Abuse Module

Reporting Module

Risks Module

Sexual Abuse Module

Trafficking Module