Student Support

Next Review Date01/01/2023


UK College of Business (UKCB) provides a full range of support services for students. On initial registration at UKCB, our student administrators and welfare officers will arrange the following:
List of UKCB Student Supports:
·         Student identity card for UKCB– provided on registration
·         Opening a Bank Account – the College will provide all of the necessary information and forms to enable students to open a Bank Account
·         Council Tax – the College will provide all of the necessary documentation to enable eligible students to claim exemption
·         London Student Photocard Scheme – the college will provide all of the necessary documentation for eligible students to take advantage of this fare reduction scheme
·         Registering with a doctor – the College will arrange for students to be registered with NHS.
·         English Study Support (if necessary) – UKCB provides blended English language and academic support for students to develop language skills essential to succeed on their programmes. All work is monitored enabling the teacher and administrative staff to track and record progress.
·         Library Facilities – The UKCB library aims to carry core and recommended books for each module, relevant articles, journals and periodicals.
·         Pre-learning support to think about learning as an option to support personal aspirations and recovery
·         Exploring access to learning such as assisting people to access careers advice and/or through the enrolment process or being with them for the first few sessions
·         Study support, including help with study skills, organising time and planning ahead
·         Strategies to handle the potential stresses of learning
·         Peers, friends, family and workers involved in supporting a person remembering to regularly show an interest in their learning, to ask what they are doing and how it is going , including  helping to boost their confidence and self-esteem by exploring what it is they are enjoying about being a student and why
·         Joint planning with the person and all the different services that might support them to make sure that there are no tensions between different sources of support and that they are working in harmony and what one does is not detrimental to what another is trying to achieve
·         Additional support that any other adult learner might require, such as support with literacy and numeracy or dyslexia support
·         Student Welfare and Support – The UKCB Student Administration Office offers a range of services, support and advice in key areas, which includes accommodation services, bank account opening, counselling, reference letters for work, and general assessment queries. Please do not hesitate to approach the Administration team, and they will make sure that where possible your needs are taken care of. The College will either provide support or signpost the students to the appropriate agency.