Admission Statement

Our aim is to ensure that all students fulfil their potential. This means helping each individual to develop self confidence, maturity and academic standard necessary to progress onto their chosen career path.
At UKCB you will find a wide range of programmes to choose from, designed to achieve your ambition.
Everything we do is designed for you, the student.
We have the following objectives:
1.       To develop fully the academic, social and creative potential of each student.
2.       To help young people as well as mature students develop the skills needed to meet the challenges they may face.
3.       To promote lively and enquiring minds and enable students to reach sound judgments and participate actively in the decision making process.
4.       To create and maintain a leading centre for learning.
5.       To make efficient use of the resources at our disposal
6.       To provide the best possible learning opportunities through well equipped classrooms & computer facilities.
7.       To offer the expertise of our teaching staff.
8.       To monitor students closely to ensure that they are making satisfactory progress to rectify any   problems that may occur.
9.       To provide students with access to confidential counselling should they require it.
UKCB is your gate way to success, and we look forward to welcoming you.