About us

UK College of Business(UKCB) was established in 2013 to provide both Further and Higher education to students so that they not only learn what is required in the curriculum but also feel that that they have acquired enough knowledge and discipline to be able find suitable job which will change their life. At UKCB we encourage the students to make the best of their potential and feel free to communicate both with their Tutors and class mates. Continuous enhancement in students’ learning is our main objective so that they are able to progress to their next stage of life without much difficulty. We will ensure that the services we provide you are Value for Money and at each stage of your course we will provide support and guidance so that you get maximum benefit our academic and non-academic facilities. In short we would like you feel at all times that your stay with us has been worthwhile.

UKCB caters for the academic needs of students from all over the world who come from different culture and ethnic background.
UKCB is determined to provide academic excellence and professional growth. Our commitment to provide enhancement in digital learning is a priority. We cater for a variety of courses and provide a very pleasant, lively and caring environment. Each student is treated with respect and all effort is made to make sure that he/she feels at home.

We have the necessary physical and human resources to provide adequate support to students.

I can assure you that if you decide to become our student you will not only enjoy and benefit from your experience with us but will also graduate as a person ready for your next working life.