The broad purpose of the occupation is to enable organisations to get valuable working software out in front of active users, both external and internal, frequently and safely, reducing time to market, delivering increased value – both with respect to the end user and the business – and improving the quality of digital services.  At its simplest, DevOps is a philosophy and way of working that brings together two historically disparate parts of the IT organisation, namely those who develop the software and those who are then required to support it in the live environment.  The DevOps Engineer encapsulates both disciplines, requiring the individual to understand and appreciate how their code functions when being used in the real world and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, while taking a cloud-infrastructure focused perspective. This means taking responsibility for all aspects of the development and operations process – the design, build, test, implement, release and continual iteration of products.  

24 months

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include A levels; a level 3 apprenticeship or other relevant qualification; relevant experience and/or an aptitude test. 

On Programme Assessment 

 Technical knowledge and understanding is assessed on programme through all the modules. 

End Point Assessment 

Assessment method 1: Project and Practical Assessment, that should cover operating a performant, secure and highly available platform, a successful deployment of code from source to the end user, satisfying the functional and non-functional requirements defined by the work-based project 

Assessment method 2: Professional discussion, it will involve the questions that will focus on activity and analysis of given scenarios; for example, ‘the benefits of pairing with other developers’ or ‘selecting the most appropriate problem-solving technique to address a given problem.

Upon completion learner can progress towards degree level qualification at university or degree level apprenticeship. 

 This apprenticeship has links with entry to both IISP and BCS Associate Membership and for entry onto the Register of IT Technicians on completing this course. 

Currently due to COVID 19 we are teaching online learningAll of our classes are conducted through online Microsoft Teams or Zoom. All of our assessments are also submitted through online systems and feedback is provided to the learners. If any learners will need extra support, we will provide 1-to-1 tutorials to mee their learning needs. However, we will move towards campus-based studies upon the government guidelines and needs of our employers and apprentices.