In this role the candidate will try and understand the threats, hazards, risks, controls and measures to protect the organisations systems. They will develop and apply practical knowledge of information security to deliver solutions that fulfil an organisation’s requirements. 

 In this role they will also need to demonstrate their understanding of technical knowledge and competencies; these include  

  • Threats, hazards, risks and intelligence 
  • Developing and using a security case 
  • Organisational context 
  • Understanding why cyber security matters 
  • Understanding Security assurance 

 In additional to these core modules students must also choose a specialism from these options; 

  • Technologist – Design build & test a network (“Build a network”), Analysing a security case (“Make the security case”), Structured and reasoned implementation of security in a network (“Build a secure network”) 


  • Risk Analyst – Cyber security risk assessment, Audit and assurance, Incident response and business continuity, Cyber security culture in an organisation 

24 Months

Most employers will set their own entry requirements for this qualification however they are likely to include 2 or more A levels, a level 3 apprenticeship or any other relevant qualification or experience.  

On Programme Assessment 

 Technical knowledge and understanding is assessed on programme through all the modules. 

End Point Assessment 

 A portfolio – presented towards the end of the apprenticeship, containing evidence from real work projects which have been completed during the apprenticeship 

 A project – giving the apprentice the opportunity to undertake a business-related project over a one-week period away from the day-to-day workplace 

An employer reference  

A structured interview with an assessor – exploring what has been presented in the portfolio and the project as well as looking at how it has been produced.

Upon completion learner can progress towards degree level qualification at university or degree level apprenticeship. 

This apprenticeship has links with entry to both IISP and BCS Associate Membership and for entry onto the Register of IT Technicians on completing this course. 

Currently due to COVID 19 we are teaching online learning. All of our classes are conducted through online Microsoft Teams or Zoom. All of our assessments are also submitted through online systems and feedback is provided to the learners. If any learners will need extra support, we will provide 1-to-1 tutorials to meet their learning needs. However, we will move towards campus-based studies upon the government guidelines and needs of our employers and apprentices.