An Accounts/Finance Assistant is an integral part of the team responsible for maintaining an efficient and accurate finance function within a business. The Accounts/Finance Assistant is responsible for assisting the team of accountants with junior accounting duties. These can vary massively depending on the team structure and size of business. An Accounts/Finance Assistant’s work could include basic bookkeeping activities, working with sales and purchase ledgers, running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct, recording of cash and data entry. Accounts/Finance Assistants can work in almost any sector. Potential employers include corporate businesses, sole traders, partnerships, Public Sector, not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions. Accounts/Finance Assistants may work in-house for an organisation or they might work for an accountancy firm, bookkeeping practice, Shared Service provider, self-employed or on behalf of several different clients. 

Individual employers will determine their own entry requirements. 

On-point Assessment  

Compiling evidence for portfolio: typical elements of the portfolio are: job related certificates, observation report undertaken by a third party (e.g. a workplace mentor), completed observation checklist and related action plans, worksheets, assignment projects and reports, record of any formal discussions (e.g. professional discussion, performance review), record of oral and written questioning, apprentice and peer reports 

 End Point Assessment 

 Assessment 1: Structured interview (60 min) supported by a portfolio of evidence summary. The structured interview will focus on the portfolio completed by the apprentice during the on programme phase of the Apprenticeship, and the independent assessor will seek to gain assurance of the apprentice’s competency by questioning. 

 Assessment 2: In-tray Test (105min), the test provides for an in-tray exercise based on a fictitious organisation’s scenario, which replicates the typical work an Accounts/Finance Assistant will have to manage in a workplace. 

The learners can progress towards level 3 qualifications or level 3 apprenticeship p programme or join ACCA/CIMA appropriate membership levels . 

The course is a full-time programme of study. You will attend classes 3-4 days per week, and will also be expected to work on practical projects outside of scheduled class times. Classes will be scheduled at various times between 9am and 5pm. Currently due to COVID outbreak we are working effectively over teams with scheduled meetings and timed classes one day a week with a strong team.