HR SUPPORT – Level : 3

HR Professionals in this role are typically either working in a medium to large organisation as part of the HR function delivering front line support to managers and employeesTheir work is likely to include handling day to day queries and providing HR advice; working on a range of HR processes, ranging from transactional to relatively complex, from recruitment through to retirement; using HR systems to keep records; providing relevant HR information to the business; working with the business on HR changes. They will typically be taking ownership for providing advice to managers on a wide range of HR issues using company policy and current law, giving guidance that is compliant and where errors could expose the organisation to employment tribunals or legal risk. 

18-24 months

There are no required qualifications for this course however, students should have both Maths and English GSCE’s if not, apprentices without Maths and English GCSE grade C or above or the equivalent will need to achieve this level prior to completion of apprenticeship. 

All apprentices will be graded by the work they have completed successfully during their course, this will be a combination of a Consultative Project and a Professional Discussion.   

 End Point Assessment 

The Consultative Project: a real example of work done by the apprentice in their role that will be completed after the Gateway, taking a maximum of three months. The Project will require the apprentice to describe how they have applied their knowledge and HR related skills to deliver the services required by the role. It should describe a situation where the apprentice has successfully worked with a customer to deliver a specific piece of HR work or provide an HR solution.  

The Professional Discussion: conducted after the Independent Assessor has reviewed and marked the Consultative Project. It will focus on knowledge and skills components that have not been covered in the Consultative Project. 

Upon completion learner can progress towards degree level qualification at university or degree level apprenticeship.  

 All students that complete their apprenticeship will have the opportunity to either go further with their education and complete a higher Level similar to this course. They may even find a working role in HR support. 

Currently due to COVID 19 we are teaching online learningAll of our classes are conducted through online Microsoft Teams or Zoom. All of our assessments are also submitted through online systems and feedback is provided to the learners. If any learners will need extra support, we will provide 1-to-1 tutorials to mee their learning needs. However, we will move towards campus-based studies upon the government guidelines and needs of our employers and apprentices.